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Discover some recent grants the foundation has made


First Exposure was established with the support of a $5 million dollar grant from the Vohra Miller Foundation

The Vohra Miller Foundation is proud to announce its partnership with the University of Toronto to create First Exposure, an innovative new research network and information hub for maternal, reproductive and child health. First Exposure’s mission is to equip families and health providers with evidence-based information about the risks and impacts of early-life exposure to medications, environmental pollutants and other substances during pregnancy and lactation.



The University of Toronto’s Institute for Pandemics was established with the support of a $1 million dollar grant from the Vohra Miller Foundation

The Institute for Pandemics is the world’s first academic centre dedicated to preventing, preparing for, fighting and recovering from pandemics. Forged by front-line experience fighting COVID-19, drawn from deep history in public health and health systems, and ignited by the vision of tech-savvy supporters, the Institute is urgently committed to help.


Saint Michaels Hospital has received a multi-year, $260,000 donation from the Vohra Miller Foundation

Over several years the Vohra-Miller foundation has supported several of the hospital's initiatives, including the Center for Anti-Racism and Equity and Social Accountability, My Baby and Me Clinic and providing disadvantaged patients with a 30-day supply of essential medications. 


The Crossroads Refugee Clinic at Women's College Hospital received a $75,000 grant from the Vohra Miller Foundation

After resettlement in Canada, refugees often face significant barriers to accessing healthcare and have difficulty navigating the health system. Women's College Hospital's Crossroads clinic provides comprehensive medical services to newly arrived refugee clients in Toronto. 

Climate Change

The Vohra Miller Foundation donated $250,000 to support Ecojustice's legal challenges for a healthier planet

Ecojustice is Canada’s largest environmental law charity with a proven history of winning key cases and securing environmental protections.


The Institute for Sustainability Education & Action received a $150,000 grant to support journalism on climate change

I–SEA helps support quality investigative journalism projects published in the National Observer, with a specific emphasis on the impacts of climate change.


The Vohra-Miller Foundation has given grants of $15,000 to help fund the The Youth Climate Activism Award 

The Youth Climate Activism Award, launched in 2022, is the first award in Canada to recognize young change agents that are helping make a big difference.

Science Education & Media

The Emily Stowe Society at Women's College Hospital received a $75,000 grant from the Vohra Miller Foundation

The Vohra Miller Foundation supported scholarships for racialized girls and women who are severely underrepresented in health sciences and research.



The Vohra-Miller Foundation gave a grant of $25,000 to Visions of Science to further advance equity in STEM

Visions of Science is committed to engaging Black and other racialized youth from low-income communities who experience significant barriers to participation. Its goal is to disrupt this systemic exclusion that ultimately results in chronic underrepresentation in STEM education and careers.


The Local received a grant of $20,000 to cover vaccine news 

The Local’s coverage of COVID-19 related vaccination news was made possible through the  support of the Vohra Miller Foundation.

Indigenous Peoples 

The 'Call Auntie' Clinic received a $60,000 grant from the Vohra-Miller Foundation

Call Auntie is a service dedicated to helping support Indigenous families who are currently pregnant and post partum.


Vohra Miller Foundation donated $25,000 to support Indigenous Health and Accessible Healthcare via the Anishnawbe Health Foundation

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Anishnawbe Health moved quickly to develop its Mobile Healing Unit to provide COVID-19 testing and wrap-around healthcare services in an accessible way for the community – particularly those experiencing homelessness or precarious housing. 


The Toronto Council Fire Native Cultural Centre received a $25,000 grant to help build The Spirit Garden

The Spirit Garden project, which will open at Nathan Phillips Square, is a 19,250 square foot Indigenous cultural space that will honour our Residential School Survivors and our cultural traditions.

Access to Food

The Stop Community Food Centre has received a multi-year $25,000 donation from The Vohra Miller Foundation


The Stop strives to increase access to healthy food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community, and challenges inequality.


The Vohra Miller Foundation donated $40,000 over multiple years to The Daily Bread Food Bank

The Daily Bread Food Bank, one of Canada’s largest food banks, strives to end hunger in our communities, and change the way people think about poverty.


The Seva Food Bank has received $30,000 in donations from The Vohra Miller Foundation

The Seva Food Bank  aims to address the challenges of food security, poverty reduction and economic renewal for low-income families living in Mississauga.


Kapapamahchakwew Wandering Spirit Indigenous School received a $6,000 donation towards their nutrition program

Kapapamahchakwew Wandering Spirit is the only Indigenous focused school in Toronto. For many students, the meals they eat at the school are the only ones they have access to in a day. The nutrition program prepares everything in-house from the freshest ingredients and provides hot meals and snacks daily. 

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