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The Vohra Miller Foundation was founded by Sabina Vohra-Miller and Craig Miller in 2020.


The focus of the foundation is to improve the health of the planet and its people.

Sabina's Story

With a background in clinical pharmacology and toxicology, Sabina values healthcare but is aware of the systemic racism and structural factors that impacts many communities and leads to inequities in health. She is exceptionally vested in making sustainable, systemic, meaningful and intentional changes to healthcare in Canada. This is why Sabina focuses much of her efforts and advocacy on making healthcare accessible for all. She is a big believer in community approaches to healthcare, especially by organizations who truly understand the challenges faced by the groups that they serve and who they have built trust with over decades. In addition, Sabina is a huge proponent of ensuring that a culturally sensitive and trauma-informed lens is used. As a first generation Canadian, she is thankful for the opportunities that living in Toronto has brought to her, but she also feels keenly that the fortunes of this city and country have come at a deep price for Indigenous Peoples. 


Sabina takes a holistic view to health and strongly believes the social determinants of health have a significant impact on the overall health of the people. Sabina has faced precarious housing and hunger due to poverty as a new immigrant and is therefore a strong supporter of safe housing and wholesome nutrition as a basic human right for all. 

Sabina is also very passionate about science education and advocacy. She focuses a lot of her efforts to counter the avalanche of mis- and dis-information on social media. In evidence based parenting groups, she explains scientific information by breaking it down into easy-to-understand posts using consensus-based guidelines developed by global health and pediatric agencies. She also engages with vaccine hesitant individuals on several vaccine on-the-fence type social media groups by understanding their fears and anxieties and trying to address their concerns. She created a fact-based, educational page called Unambiguous Science where she discusses new information on COVID-19 in a non-sensational and non-politicized manner. 

Sabina is the Vice-Chair of the board at Lymphoma Canada and on the board of The Stop Community Food Centre. She is a member of Vision2020, Women Moving Millions and GROW Women. She also sits on the Dalla Lana School of Public Health’s Dean’s Strategic Committee. 

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Craig's Story

Craig is a graduate of McGill University, where he studied Electrical Engineering. 

After graduation, he moved to Toronto and led marketing (and later product and development) for, an eBay company. He joined in 2006 when the group was just three employees and was pivotal in growing the site to being the most popular classifieds site in the country, used by nearly half of all online Canadians each month.

In 2011, Craig joined Shopify, then a small startup based in Ottawa, to lead its marketing team. He led the growth of the ecommerce company, from being used by 15,000 businesses into a publicly listed  company, used by over 1,000,000 businesses in over 150 countries. Over time Craig also took on the role of Chief Product Officer, and ran the company’s largest remote office in Toronto. He left Shopify in late 2020, not long after Shopify had become Canada’s largest company.

In his next act, Craig is trying to increase awareness of and help solve the big, complex problems that society faces. His focus is on climate change.

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